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Our state of the art regenerative air sweeper is both extremely reliable and incredibly powerful.


  • City Street sweeping is a service many sweeping companies cannot perform due to the size and speed of their equipment.  We not only handle several city street sweeping contracts, we also offer multi-year contracts to lock in pricing saving the "City Of's" money over owning, maintaining and the liability of injury to it's residents.  Spring, Summer, Fall or just sweeping prior to a major city event, we do it all with no hidden fees.

  • Commercial Parking Lots

  • Construction Sites

  • Sweeping behind milling machines or road reclaimers

Since our sweeper is a 'regenerative air' sweeper, all prior model sweepers were designed in one of two ways – either a mechanical main broom (100% broom sweeping) or a vacuum (which still requires a main broom for 75% of the sweeping path to transfer debris to the vacuum head).  Mechanical main brooms leave a debris behind due to the design of the rotating broom.  It is unable to remove debris from cracks, crevices or milled surfaces.  Vacuum sweepers, by the nature of their design, have to exhaust all air used while sweeping which can contribute to poorer air quality in harsh sweeping environments.


Our regenerative air sweeper delivers excellent performance without a mechanical main broom or exhausting dusty air – giving you a great sweeping job, environmentally friendly service, safer streets and parking lots for people and an aesthetically pleasing, clean surface.

MSAM also utilizes this sweeper on lots prior to sealcoating ensuring adhesion of the sealant.

Our sweeper is PM10 Certified.  This allows MSAM to sweep around streams, rivers and lakes while conforming to all State and Federal environmental laws to include the storm water run off rules and regulations.

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