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Minnesota Sealcoat and Asphalt Maintenance is the street and parking lot division of Cleaning and Restoration Services Inc.


We started this division in 2002 due to the demand for quality sweeping and asphalt maintenance services in our area. With our rapidly growing sweeping company, we added services by request from our clients.  Asphalt seal coat and crack filling joined our striping and sweeping services shortly after.  Even though there have been a number of changes over the years, we have remained true to our roots and continue to provide top notch quality and service no matter what job we are on.  Because our employees and customers continue to be our driving force, we strive to employ honest, trustworthy professionals who are dedicated to providing the highest level of quality.  Respect will continue to be a mainstay as our integrity is on the line each and every day with everything we do.  We will continue to evolve with the times to remain the most dependable and reliable sweeping, striping, sealcoating and repair company in the state of Minnesota and beyond.

CRSI and MSAM are VERY ECO FRIENDLY.  Actually, you could call us tree huggers!!  A badge we wear with honor and pride.  We take our planet's health very seriously as everyone SHOULD.  We don't pollute, and our products, both sealants and paints are non toxic or low in VOC's.  Having NON TOXIC sealant on your asphalt means it won't track into your business giving you a sick building syndrome.  It is also safe to use around lakes, streams and rivers.  Minnesota banned Coal Tar due to it's HIGHLY toxic nature.  Coal tar was a carcinogenic, mutagenic and was polluting our lakes, drinking water and indoor air quality.  MSAM has NEVER used Coal Tar even when it was legal because we don't want to spread sickness to our customers or employees.  Take care of your planet.  You need Earth, it doesn't need you.  :)

Feel free to contact us.  All your information you provide during a phone call, email or text is not shared and private.

References available upon request.  Fully insured.  Free Estimates.  Best price guarantee.

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