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Thinking of having some street or parking lot maintenance done?  Look no further.  Minnesota Sealcoat and Asphalt Maintenance offers a full variety of services to meet and exceed your expectations without breaking the bank.

  • State of the art sweeping services for municipal streets and commercial parking lots.

  • Industry best sealcoat gives MSAM the edge over our competition in both aesthetics, longevity, wear, protection and safety.

  • Striping, both new lot layout or striping existing lines

  • Crack filling using MNDOT spec'd materials AND application methods.

  • Pot holes begone!!  Patching and asphalt repairs done right.

Use the link on the left or at the top of the page for more information, price guarantee, service guarantee or contact us for a free consultation and estimate.



We pride ourselves on our work and we love to show it off to you when done.  How do we do this?  By taking drone images and video of course!!

See your business or residential property like you've never seen it before in stunning 4K HD.

Some rules and regulations apply.  See our Guarantee page for more information.

Our Services


​- Sweeping (Commercial or Municipal)

- Striping

- Sealcoat (best in industry)

- Crack Filling

- Asphalt Patching

Call us: (320) 231-3829
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